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"Just received my Brave Face late last week. I love the adjustable bands and comfort of the straps. Very breathable yet secure with a tight fit. 

The best feature is the straps are long enough to stay around my neck when not wearing the mask.. Which allows me easy access whenever needed... 

I love the custom logo's I was able to add, bright colors. 

Great customer service.

Thanks Brave Face." Chaz, Illinois


"These masks are the best! Adjustable ear and neck/head straps, soft, breathable, flexible nose piece, place for a filter and really comfortable. My 3 year old LOVES his as well." Angela, Wisconsin


"Breathing is easy, not thin but not as thick as medical masks. Nose piece fits perfect! Recommend." Kora, New Jersey


"When I am wearing the built in ear saver I don't feel any pressure points on my head!" Wyatt, Wisconsin


"I love the design. So many different ones for different outfits of the week. It fit comfortable and actually covered what needed to be covered. Fit perfect so it wasn't hurting my ears. Highly recommend!" Junior, New York


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